Vaporesso Nexus Kit

The combination of a care-free filling system, adjustable airflow, high performance CCELL coil, and simplicity makes the Nexus Starter Kit by Vaporesso the best on-the-go device for mouth to lung vaping experience and the most concentrated nicotine delivery system!

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Nexus Kit
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Vaporesso Nexus Kit,

the all-in-one vaping kit. it's a compact little device. Packed with features like the adjustable airflow Ccell oil on the board mini. the Nexus kit actually have a total of eight colors any of your outfits.

One of the greatest features of the Nexus is the easy to fill tank. And the two tank built in and all you have to do is to put your liquid into that water. One of the benefits of Vaporesso Nexus is you don't actually have to spill a Juice. No fear among for mouth to lung vaping experience .

you'll definitely fall in love with this adjustable airflow. allowing you to customize each vaping experience using its 650 million Fiala battery. Vaporesso Nexus that can be to charged within 40 minutes. means that you can use it anytime anywhere.

Refillable Tank Capacity: 2ml
Built-in Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Coil: Nexus CCell Coil / Nexus Coil

Protective Functions:
Short-circuit Protection
Burned Protection
No Load Protection
Low Power Protection
Overtime Protection
Overcharge Protection

Package Contains:
1X Nexus 650mAh Device
1X Nexus USB Charging Cable
1X 1X 1X Nexus User Guide
1X 1X CCell Coil
1X Traditional Coil

How NEXUS Works?
To start your Nexus:
Step 1: Add your favorite e-juice into the tank.
Step 2: Quickly tap Nexus five times within 2 seconds to activate.
Step 3: Just vape. No need to press any more buttons.

Does the coil need to be removed whilst adding e-juice?
No. The feed hole was larger which is easy to add the oil without removing the coil.

What is Auto Temperature Control?
Eliminates liquid burn that can occur at temperatures above 250 Contributing to optimal vapor delivery.

Is that potential for dry hit?
The Nexus have Low Liquid Detection which will automatically shuts off the heating element when the liquid in the tank is too low to avoid dry burning.

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