SMPO AIO 650mAh pen Starter Kit
SMPO Vaporizer KIT: SMPO Starter kit is a compact vaping device with pre-filled POD. The SMPO Pod come in 5% nicotine by weight strength. Each Pod contains 1.8ml of re-filled e-liquid. SMPO kit is a simple and small electronic cigarette...
$39.00 $29.00
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SMPO KI DTL Pod system 650mAh 1.8ml Pod
SMPO claimed a strong back to vape market with new launching SMPO KI pod system. The SMPO KI is the further edition of SMPO OS, featuring still portable design yet yield higher expectation than its predecessor. This open pod system...
$29.99 $26.00
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SMPO KII is the most cost-effective DL pod system released by SMPO, a vape brand that only focuses on pod vape research and development. SMPO kii is the second choice of SMPO KI if you are looking for a DL...
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SMPO OS AIO lit with Refillable pods
SMPO OS Starter Kit SMPO OS is a best mouth-to-lung, ultra compact and portable vaping kit designed for vapers. SMPO OS Pod cartridge with 1.8ml capacity. You can fill any e-juice at the filling hole of bottom. Just Pull out...
$39.00 $36.00
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SMPO OS Refillable POD
SMPO OS Refillable POD without e-juiceEach pack contains 2 pods. Each SMPO pod contains 1.8 mL by weight. Approximately equivalent to 2 pack of cigarettes or 400 puffs. This Pod is matched to the SMPO OS Kit. Not only is...
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