Aurora Play Pod
ParametersPOD Capacity: 2mlCoil: 1.3ohmFilling: Press-To-Fill on top (1 step)Quantity: 2pcs/packIt comes with1 x Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Cartridge 2ml 2pcsSimple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.
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Vaporesso Renova Zero Kit 650mAh 2ml Pod
Zero Pod SystemWith the trends of smaller Vaping device nowadays, the Zero Pod System designed and released by Renova has been the solid choice under its outstanding characteristics of dainty, unique ceramic heating system, rich flavours and more. Renova zero...
$36.00 $24.80
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Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod Kit 650mAh
Use a zippo-style to light your cigarette, and Aurora Playpod is a zippo style to light up your vaping journey. .œZippodesign you never saw before in the market. Aurora Play kit surprises vaper's vision, and it is with a cover...
$30.00 $21.90
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