SMPO KI vs UWELL CARLIBURN – Which is Best open Vape Pod?


As we know that Uwell Carliburn is one of the most popular pod systems in 2019, and still hot in 2020. It claims a brand new vape pod experience with nice restrictive lung hit and concentrated flavor delivery. Many vapers substitute UWELL CARLIBURN for their solid vape pod.

And today, I would to compare it to another latest pod system, SMPO KI, launched by SMPO brand. SMPO is a vape brand only focus on vape pod research and development.

As a royal fan of vape pod, I would like to try any new vape kits, and there are something I would like to share with you after I tried both Uwell Carliburn and SMPO KI.      


Features  SMPO KI   Uwell Caliburn 
Battery Capacity 640mAh  520 mAh
Pod Capacity 1.8ml 2ml 
Output 11W-13W-15W 11W
Refillable  Refillable Pods  Refillable Pods
Dimensions  8.3mm x 34mm

110 mm × 21.2 mm


Design comparison

There is nothing to complain about their outlook and shape. They are both elegant and compact design, vapers can take them to vape on the go.


Uwell carliburn:

Carliburn is a pen-style pod kit measures only 110mm x 21.2mm x 11.6mm. Its lightweight design is perfectly for your vape on the go. It comes with 6 colors for different style. A special design in Uwell carliburn is the visible window for e-liquid level checking, vapers don’t need to pull out the pod to check, which is convenient and friendly.

A round button is located in the middle of the front side. Button fire or draw activation is available from Carliburn, even if the button doesn’t work, the draw activation is still there for your vape.



I much love the mirror surface of SMPO KI, creates the sense of top-end and fashionable. Especially the the green color(called Bice in SMPO official) surprised me, love dame it really. Being the same as Carliburn, filling could be done through filling into two holes located at the top of the pod.

The single button is not only for the fire button, but also for three levels of output adjustment. When comes to more pocket-friendly design, SMPO KI measures 83mm*34mm*15.3mm will be recommended for you the first. What’s more, the pod was excellently processed making it quite resistant to wear and tear.


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Battery life and performance



Makes use of a 520mAh built-in battery that comes with a 2ml capacity pod. Convenient USB charging coupled with fast charging system only takes around 45 mins to get fully charge. 10 Second Cut Off Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Low Power Alert are available for Carliburn battery protection.



Utilize a massive 650mAh built-in battery, which is far above UWELL CARLIBURN power driven. It last longer battery life than most of the pod device in its class. It can support at least 2 times full filling before the second charging is required. In terms of moderate vaping habit, SMPO KI is capable of satisfying your full day.


The Performance


It adopted the parallel coil heating system make it delivers warm and tasty clouds. The top notch and pure flavor is the most highlight when we comes to its successful parts. Flavorful vaping could be satisfied from inhale to exhale. It is with nice restrictive lung hit, creates very excellent hit between MTL and DL.



It is also constructed with dual coil heating system getting heating faster, and more impressive vapor production than UWELL carliburn. Its draw and hit is a little bit looser than uwell carliburn, but still comfortable.

Different from UWELL carliburn keeping the pure flavor in every draw, the taste from SMPO KI gets purer and purer as you vaping with it. The flavor just would be intensive. Another point of the SMPO KI do better than uwell carliburn I think is the anti-leaking performance. The KI pod just protects itself from e-liquid sweat, keeping dry and clean.



Generally speaking, the UWELL CARLIBURN is definitely one of the best pod systems in pure flavor delivery; It is a compact design for your vape on the go. Its nice outlook and flavorful vaping is an excellent advantage when compared to other pod systems in the market.

However, it is not driven by the battery capacity as powerful as SMPO KI, and may not last around a day for moderate vaping when got fully charged, and leaking issue is the problem that many vapers has complaint about. 


And the SMPO KI, a new born pod system that has many similarities with UWELL Carliburn, yet still feature some different specific point. Smaller than UWELL CARLIBURN makes it more pocket-friendly for vapers on the go. Three levels of adjustable power modes got vapers different vape style possible, and nice anti-leaking performance makes the pod have a longer life span than average.

It delivers pure and crisp flavor that suitable for nic salt, high VG and any of freebase. Looser hit than UWELL carliburn yet still comfortable and claim a nice hit. It is typically a new and excellent vape pod for solid choose. 


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