ALT Mesh mini disposable vape review


Introduction and Specification

MESH MINI is the latest new disposable vape launched by ALT brand. As the name indicates MESH MINI is constructed with mesh coil to make for faster ramp up, more sufficient vaporization, and better dose of flavor and vapor delivery. It is built-in 400mAh battery capacity which seems not for puff-chasers choice, yet I think this is not the point for a beginner, wise-appearance lover, and convenience pursuer. MESH MINI comes with 7 flavors as Lush ice, Banana ice, Tropical mix, Cool grape, Orange soda, Strawberry yogurt, and Frozen mango berry, and all 7 flavors designed as the same and you need to see the flavor indication on the device.

This little disposable vape measures at 18.8*105mm, allows ultra pocket-friendly and easy to vape on the go. Coupled with the rubber coating, create a high end and smooth sense of grip. And the unique line drawing makes this design stand out from its competitors on the market. Besides this black version, MESH MINI has another version with same flavors, same rubber coating technic, but different colors. This is quite smart idea to allow people have more choices.

Additionally, there is a top cap for dust-free, so I don't have to take tissue to make it clean, of course if I remember to cover the lid after I use it. I am satisfied with the LED light indicator on the bottom of the device when I vape it, It tells me if my MESH MINI works normally or not. And I mostly love the round mouthpiece, I am honestly enjoying every second when I vape it. So here is the general introduction of ALT MESH MINI disposable vape, and how it's the performance? I can't wait to share with you guys my opinion on it after I tried it.


Measures 18.8*105mm
Resistance 1.4Ω
Pod capacity 2ml
Battery capacity 400mAh
Nicotine 5%


Being constructed with MESH coil inside, I got the strong hit up to the last puff. I tried to count my vape and MESH MINI support around 500 puffs available. On the duration, I hardly can feel any leaking, the device keeps itself dry and clean, I just need to clean the condensation inside the mouthpiece occasionally. It is more tighter draw with 1.4Ω resistance,If you preferred MTL vaping, then ALT MESH MINI disposable vape is definitely satisfy you. In terms of the flavor, MESH MINI create super concentrate flavor, boosting fresh and crisp to every inhale.


Lush ice

Lush Ice is watermelon candy flavor infused with a fresh breeze of menthol. What you get from lush ice is the sweet and fresh watermelon flavor, mixed with menthol icey allows cool summer time, not so sweet, but with sweet fragrance and just refresh yourself. This perfect amalgamation create specific fragrance, to make your enjoy every moment with it.

Banana ice

Are you are looking for a taste sweeter flavor? I will strong recommend Banana Ice to you. From the first puff I inhaled, strong Banana taste just hit my taste bud, maybe it is due to its original stronger sugar concentration? Moreover, with the help of ice, the frozen banana taste just makes it much more than normal.

Tropical mix

Tropical mix here is include Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, Pineapple, Guava. I Have to say I love this mix group, I personally think the kiwi flavor is stronger. It is a little sour and coupled with sweet, I couldn't describe it exactly how it taste like, but this is the ever perfect mix e-liquid I have tried.

Cool grape

Cool grape is one of the most popular flavor on the market. It perfectly deliver refreshing and cool taste. I think the cold ice feeling have also reduct the sweet of grape, balance the sweetness just right for you, not too much and not less at all.

Orange soda

Taste of mesh mini Orange Soda has a truly refreshing, distinct aroma of orange, refresh your every inhale.

Strawberry yogurt

If you like a sweet and sour flavor, Strawberry yogurt is perfectly suitable for you. It is creamy not too sweet yet tartness enough, they are perfect mixed together to satisfy your picky flavor preference.

Frozen mango berry

What you can get from Frozen mango berry is juicy berry and sweet mango with strong aroma. And the ice help for the fresh and cool taste for your impressive throat hit!



MESH mini disposable vape have done a great job in super impressive flavor delivery. MESH MINI come with tiny body for your convenience take away, also in affordable price for your daily purchase. Its exquisite design makes it much more than what we expect from an affordable disposable vape, which is create so quality and durable sense in your hand. Generally speaking, MESH MINI disposable is definitely your solid choice if you are a royalty disposable vape.


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