Review of Vaporesso Polar

What we share for everyone today is Vaporesso Polar.

which is now called Polar by the  manufacturer. 

Packing in 2 inch color screen, 0.001s Firing Speed And with the featured Cascade Baby SE Sub-Ohm Tank.


Vaporesso Polar Packaging:

Polar Packaging-1

Polar Packaging-2

The Polar packaging follows the previous style of Vaporesso.

Use a relatively rough kraft paper material.

Drawer box style.

Besides to the name and color, the box visually preview the logo and the description of the product.


Vaporesso Polar Accessories:

Vaporesso Polar Accessories-1

Vaporesso Polar Accessories-2

From another point of view. Adding detailed descriptions and rich accessories may improve the  Experience of the product.

Flip the box, There are some:

1 × Polar Mod (without  2 x 18650 batteries)
1 × CASCADE Baby SE Tank (6.5ml/2ml)
1 × GT Meshed Coil (0.18Ω) - Pre-installed
1 × GT 8 Coil (0.15Ω)
1 × Replacement glass tube
1 × USB Charging Cable
1 × User Guide
1 × Warranty Card


Vaporesso Polar Tank:

Vaporesso Polar Tank-1

vaporesso palar tank

The Polar is along with the Cascade Baby SE Sub-Ohm Tank.

As a whole is a slender design with a linear feel,

with Capacity: 6.5ml/2ml .

Vaporesso Polar Tank-3

Vaporesso Polar Tank-5

Vaporesso Polar Tank-6

The Cascade tank uses three air flow slots to produce a smoother denser cloud.

There is a huge difference from many similar Sub-Ohm Tank .

From the appearance of its work is still outstanding.

The bottom of the atomizer is plated with the product name and number LOGO.


Vaporesso Tank Structure:

Vaporesso Tank Structure-1

Vaporesso Tank Structure-3

Vaporesso Tank Structure-2

The atomizer can be roughly divided into six parts. Revolutionary isolation structure and triangular air flow can reduces dry hit potential and extends coil life.

  1. drip tip,
  2. Top lid
  3. Glass tube
  4. Isolation component
  5. Coil
  6. bottom base.

Polar Top fill system:

Polar Top fill system-1

Polar Top fill system-2

  1. Lift up the Top Lid
  2. Unscrew the Lid and fill the e-liquid.
  3. Locks down automatically after twisting back


Vaporesso Polar GT meshed Coil:

Vaporesso Polar GT meshed Coil-1

Vaporesso Polar GT meshed Coil-3

Vaporesso Polar GT meshed Coil-2

The GT Meshed coils will heat up evenly compared to regular coils.

With its unique triangular air flow structure. the GT Meshed can enlarge the heating area and the use of meshed offers great flavor.

  1. Pre-installed 0.18ΩCoil 
  2. 0.15Ω GT 8 Coil in the box.


Vaporesso Polar Mod:

Vaporesso Polar Mod-1

Vaporesso Polar Mod-3

Vaporesso Polar Mod-4

Vaporesso Polar Mod-1

  1. 2 inch color screen
  2. 0.001s Firing Speed
  3. OMNI Board 4.0
  4. 2.5A quick charge


The Polar produced by Vaporesso team is not only unique in design, but also is breakthrough in OMNI Board and Mod.

Personally feel that the difficulty is low, it is suitable for players to operate and control.