Review of vaporesso Revenger Kit
The vaporesso Revenger Kit. it feels nice in my hand. especially when I'm holding it like this, there's no sharp edges. sleek,beautiful mod.
how the edges of vaporesso Revenger are rounded off. it feels nice in my hand. I like when the screen goes dark instead of just being dark. there's a little clock and you can change it to digital or you can completely get it off of there. it's kind of tinted here. when I turn it on, screen is gonna be really dim, but now it's big and bright, you see not only is there a fire button plus.

Revenger mod uses an omni board chips:

when the screen of vaporesso revenger mod times out it goes to this clock. however you can turn that off. Revenger mod uses an omni board chips and I love that chip. not only does it fire really fast, it's extremely customizable.

there's power curves, you can do temperature control nickel titanium stainless steel. there's also bypass mode and memory where you can set your TCR settings. with that omni board chipset inside of revenger mod.

how the vaporesso revenger kit will come packaged.

there's a little sticker tells you it's a five milliliter tank. on the back it tells you what's inside. along with a little picture and there's also specifications of revenger starter kits. there's the vaporesso revenger mod pink extra glass and a little spare parts bag. in this box is a really fancy pantsy looking USB cable for charging and firmware updates.

Inside of this black envelope has a 90-day warranty card and a warning card. you should definitely read before using the revenger kits. a couple of manuals in a bunch of different languages.

vaporesso Revenger tank instructions:

There's a spare glass tube extra seals for the revenger tank by vaporesso and even a 510 driptip adaptor. Here is the NRG tank holds five milliliters of liquid and it is actually on the bigger side. twenty six point five millimeters in diameter. this vaporesso tank has a top cell design similar to smok tank.

Just swivel it out and then pour your liquid into. at the top you can see there's a wide dollar and drip tip. If you look down and you can see there's a spit back guard, so this drip tip is removable. you don't want to use this you can use one of your own drip tips. because they do include that 510 adapter.

on the bottom there are two fairly big airflow slits. those are adjustable. On the stopper to get to the revenger vaporesso revenger coil or to replace the glass twist off the base. so the vaporesso glass does just pop off like so and then the coil just twists out of the base.

there's two vaporesso coils included one of them is inside of the vaporesso revenger tank. both of them are point one five ohms, except one can be made between 30 and 70 watts, and the other can be between 50 and 110.

Revenger mod has smart wattage recognition:

when you put an D on here. it'll set the wattage based on the resistance of the vaporesso coil. however if you don't like that you can turn it off. it's going to have reviews: some pros and some cons.

the revenger will come up with this protective stuff so this is a pretty big oh led screen plus and minus buttons. there's a mode button USB port. on the side is a fire button, at the top is a 5-10 spring-loaded connection. On the bottom battery ventilation to get to the batteries. Pops off like so the battery door is held on by magnets. this will hold - 18650 batteries which are not included.

Turn the lot on, click the fire button five times. however you can't adjust any of your vaporesso revenger settings. if I hold down the plus and minus button together. it'll flip the screen mode and fire at the same time.

On the screen you can see a battery life indicator. there's resistance voltage you'll see. what I'm typing displays wattage and there's also any timer. if I just keep holding revenger mod down, it will eventually timeout.

let's check out the different modes. just use the mode button. hold it down for about three seconds. So there's stainless steel, this is temperature control obviously if you keep going.

This is TCR Settings memory one to bypass. this turns it into a mechanical vaporesso mod. kind of basically and system set. that is for smart wattage recognition so in wattage mode. if I click the revenger mode button three times here, it says CCW click the mode button again and once.

it's on CCW. hold the mode button down and I can adjust for a custom power curve. so this gives you a nice little ramp up time. once you have one bar set click mode. It'll go to the next one. so you can adjust each and every one of these.

Once you're done. hold down the revenger mode button and the power curve will be set. you have the set and you don't want to use a custom power curve anymore. click the mode button three times. it'll bring you back here. click it again and then hold it down in temperature control. if I click the mode button three times I can do the same thing.

I have one more option PCR. so CCT this is the custom power curve again and teacr. hold down the revenger mode button here. you can adjust the PCR setting for stainless steel. in the vaporesso Revenger manual they do give you a range for each metal. if I click mode three times again I can adjust the TCR settings.

Revenger Mod setup:

click mode three times. first one that is wattage mode. VW is wattage mode. hold down mode here you can adjust for different vape strength. there's soft,normal and high. I'm just going to leave it on normal.

Click the mode button and then to go into these hold down the mode button. so this is temperature control. here you can adjust it.

vaporesso revenger how to set clock? you can have that clock that I showed. numbers instead of Roman numerals a little bit easier to read for some people. but I do like the clock. it's pretty.

I don't want that number 5 smart lauded recognition. you can leave it on or turn it off if you don't want it screen time out. so this is how long before the screen will go dark. and you can go from the be seconds all the way to like an hour. Default is 15 minutes, so you'll be seeing that clock for 15 minutes before Revenger mod shuts off.

Make sure when you turn it on. in the screen of vaporesso Revenger Kit it stays normal and not high, unless you want a vape it on high. first of all, I love the look of the vaporesso revenger mod. it's really sleek classy looking I like.

there is another option, a mode button which makes a little bit

easier to get around in. the Revenger Kit menu and you won't be accidentally firing your revenger coils. so pro for that the 510 connection. it's right in the middle.

it is perfect especially if you want to use bigger revenger tanks. you can fit them up to 28 millimeters in diameter, not Omni board chipset. the mod fires like incredibly fast. you can also adjust wattage and temperature control mode. You have to go all the way to system set, go into temperature control, change the Revenger Kit wattage in there.

you have to go into Revenger system settings. you can adjust TCR settings as well and the manual does have a range for each metal. so this does have smart wattage recognition. it'll set the wattage based on the resistance of the vaporesso revenger coil. however if you go to system set you can turn off smart wattage recognition.

Revenger tastes best:

I did have the airflow completely open. this is the one that can be vape between 50 and 110 watts. but it says it's best between 60 and 80. so smart wattage air conditioner was right. it did put it at 60 but let's see where it tastes best.

I'm going to bump this up to the full 80 watts. so far it's tasting best around like 65-70. I'm going to open up the air flow just a little bit more. leaving it about 75 percent open. performing just fine, I'm not getting any dry hits. I'm going to open up the airflow completely for this one. I can vape it at 110 watts. I'm not getting any dry hits at all. performing fine.

I do have my vape strength set at normal. I'm not going to vape 110 watts on high. it does like a pulse mode. so let me put it on high.

what I really don't like

About the vaporesso revenger tank is that drip tip problems. they do give you a 510 driptip vaporesso adapter. don't forget to put on the o-ring on there,otherwise it's going to be really loose. I'm going to switch it out right now. I am getting more flavor with the drip tip.

one more thing it is firmware upgradeable. so once that's available you just plug it into your computer. and do the update now a USB part if you want to use it for charging. vaporesso Revenger Kit does have balance charging so you could use it. I'm pretty satisfied with this revenger mod like everything else it's got its pros it's got some cons.

I really do like it, the vaporesso revenger tank doesn't leak at all and I have been using the absolute crap out of it. I have had this sense so that is pretty much. if you're interested in picking up one of these, you did find them on my vapor store.


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