Review of the Vaporesso Nexus Pod

Vaporesso Nexus has two biggest features, One is a ceramic coil , The other is the use of nicotine salt. 

vaporesso nexus pod Charge for 30mins, use 5 days. Keep convenient. It is business style,  very practical and easy to use.

whether it is young people, or the elderly who reduce smoking. Nexus Pod is basically plug-and-play, there is no operation at all.

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Vaporesso Nexus box

The packaging for Vaporesso Nexus. 

Inside the packaging you'll get this micro USB charging cable. user guide for Vaporesso Nexus.

And the nexus system with built in  650mAh battery.


Nexus on/off button

The ON/OFF button with LED to set power. On Vaporesso Nexus.

A button to shut the device down five clicks on and five clicks off. 

The mouthpiece.

Vaporesso Nexus colors:  right Now comes in nine colors.  Silver, black, orange, blue, green, purple, ruby, dark blue.

How to Fire, vaporesso nexus settings:

Nexus open

To tap the fire button five times of Vaporesso Nexus.

You'll see LED indicator light up and you are ready to vape.

Very easy to open and close.


Nexus comes with two coils

Vaporesso Nexus comes with two coils.  ceramic coil and cotton coil. Vaporesso nexus coil life can last 3-6month. 

Nexus tank

Open the Nexus Cap and Get inside there's a little opening on both sides where your air flow actually comes in. 

Get inside and you unscrew it. here is the C cell coil. 1 ohm and it's got its wattage range.

Vaporesso Nexus coil needn't to be removed while adding the coil. Pull out the coil and put new back when you change other coil.

Fill the ejuice

Nexus fill the tank

how to fill nexus vaporesso? Open drip tip cap. take it apart. looking inside you have the fill port. Grab this pop open and you would fill right there now.  Nexus has about 2ml e-juice capacity.  

Put two drops of ejuice inside Vaporesso Nexus to start it off.  it is recommend to add with Nicotine Salt. The biggest benefit of nicotine salt is the comfortable inhalation of high nicotine while the throat hit is not great.

Don't fire this while there's no liquid in there even though I did put a couple of drops of liquid inside.

Vaping taste:

Qestion one: Vaporesso nexus not hitting?
 vaporesso nexus should use 5% nic salt. Hold the mouthpiece of Vaporesso Nexus in alright place it down. you're gonna let it saturate after it saturates.

vaporesso nexus charging:

Nexus charge

Qestion one: vaporesso nexus not charging?

Check the battery is OK or the USB charge is fine.

For a 650-mah battery,  The speed of charging is still very fast, after all, the battery is not large.

The battery capacity of Vaporesso Nexus is 650mah. The use of one day is enough. The  tank capacity is 2ML. In normal circumstances, it can be used for  4-5 days, even for extremely heavy users.
Nicotine 5%, Smoker will not feel the throat hit. but when you start to reduce cigarettes, 5% of Nicotine will become too high.  You can choose to buy a 2.5% or lower.

  1. Free to fill liquid
  2. Automatic TC
  3. Easy to activate
  4. Adjustable airflow control
  5. Easy to take

  1. Only eight colors to choose
  2. Only 2ml Tank Capacit

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