Tutorial: Guide to Selecting safe Vape kits

Is the electronic cigarette safe to vaping? Many people do not know the safety of electronic cigarettes? As consumers, how can we select safe electronic cigarettes in the today’s market? If you want to buy electronic cigarettes, please choose a full - qualified electronic cigarette manufacturer.


Three keys to the safety of electronic cigarettes:


NO1:  The relevant qualifications of the electronic cigarette manufacturer

Because the domestic vape salesmen mostly sales are through the third party platform, especially many small vape manufacturers in order to get more profits from the international electronic cigarette market. they often blow and boast.

So consumers in the purchase the electronic cigarette can inspect these information on the enterprise such as:

  1. The Registered trademark,
  2. The national qualification safety certification,
  3. Independent production capacity and
  4. production license.
  5. international patents
  6. Do they have own factories.

Of course, it’s better if these are many local shop, which make the after-sales service more comfortable.


NO2: Materials of e-liquid

There have third party inspection reports like SGS for Top electronic cigarette company, the examination of the nicotine qualified of e liquid which is toxic in concentrated amounts.

We must pay attention to the material of juice and tanks product Inhaling the mouth. As the vape could needs high temperature, in addition to the juice, the requirements for accessories are also very safe.

If you find smell bad when you use electronic cigarette, it may cause harmful gas when atomizing, so you'd better stop.


NO3:The taste

The electronic cigarette you purchased is good qualified if the above two points are all right. You can pay attention to the taste of the e-juice, which is also the key to the quality of the atomizer.

 If the electronic cigarette has been used for a period of time or in a low temperature environment, there will be "smog-reducing, bad-taste". This indicates that your e juice is not atomized enough. Try to fix these asking the experienced.


May be your ecig safe? People don't know the protection of cigarettes? How do we select cigarettes that are electronic while in the today's market? If you would like to purchase cigarettes that were electronic, please choose a - qualified cigarette manufacturer.