9 vape terms confusing the beginner


A type of atomizer that is a sealed device, it has been injected e-liquid inside from the factory. Cartomizer was sealed and connected to the vape battery. 


with the progress of technology in the electronic cigarette industry. Can no longer atomizer and battery rod are welded together, can be taken down, and a soft plug at the top of the atomizer can also be removed, we can use specialized tools will smoke into the atomizer to reuse, so the atomizer can only be used for small smoke.


Because the smoke volume is relatively small, the heating wire can only be used inside the atomizing cotton or small power, which limits the amount of electronic cigarette smoke and smoke capacity. At the same time, the appearance of the atomizer has been basically fixed and can not make big changes.



It is a part of ecig that house the heating coin and wick heating e-liquid. Electronic cigarette consists of three parts: the battery, atomizer and e-juice. The biggest difference between e cigarette and the traditional cigarette, is no tar or ash that leaves cigarette burns or tobacco stains. No monoxide and other toxic substances.  At the same time also does not affect the large crowd around you smoking.



Battery are the powerhouse behind the e-cigarette, providing the energy to heat and vaporize the eliquid or ejuice.


RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer

This kinds of atomizer is generally used to make large smog and competition-using. RDA is without oil storehouse to store oil, to save oil by cotton and heating wire. There is a hole on the bottom of atomizer, which can be a little bit of a small amount of e-juice storage.


RBA  (Rebuildable Atomize)

"Rebuildable" means that the atomizer coin is made by the user. Atomizer coin can be changed with heating wire and cotton. You can call it  "DIY"atomizer. Since it is Rebuildable, it will naturally include the "RDA" and "RDTA", as well as the taste type oil storage atomizer.



It is also sometimes called "automatic dripping oil atomizer", RDTA is still a new thing. At present, there is not much choice available on the market. because its design is to drip e-liquid to your atomizer coin through the top of the tank nozzle according to drop.


RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, referred to as RTA,  which can continue to vape, and is the most common choice for vapers.


Wick (Ceramic or cotton

The heating speed of electronic cigarette cotton is very fast, low resistance is also very suitable for the use of mechanical lever. the electronic cigarette and cotton is still an excellent commodity, so please don't compare the electronic cigarette cotton with those extremely complex manual silk, because it has higher benefit.



known as electronic cigarette liquid. Through the atomizer, e-juice can be heating and produced large vapor, the smoker can get more nicotine hit without smoking traditional cigarette.


The main component of e-juice is propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, and tobacco flavor. Some e-juice also contain nicotine ingredients.


E-liquid taste is generally divided into three types: tobacco flavor, fruit flavor and herbs flavor. The tobacco flavor is generally similar to the existing cigarettes.  There are many fruit flavors, usually common fruit, such as apple, essence, orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon and so on. As long as the fruit is in existence, it can usually be copied. Herbs taste like plants, such as mint, vanilla, licorice and other flavors.