6 types of electronic cigarettes

Today there are so many kinds of electronic cigarettes. The new vaper still don't know how to choose a best electronic cigarette.

For this reason, I'll tell you about the types of electronic cigarettes.

disposable vape kits:

It can be used only once, not recharged at the second time.

rebuildable vape kits:

Match atomizer component consists of heating element for liquid with nicotine heating up and mods with battery component into one device . 


NO1: E-cigarette starter kits:

F-also call vape starter kits, most of them are disposable vape kits.  it comes with everything when you start vaping, just add e-liquid or vape oils. they are the top choice with person who transiting from traditional cigarettes to new and beginning to vaping at first time. it is obviously that they are popular on the market for this reason.

Cartmizer electronic cigarette:

 (also call disposable electronic cigarette, also see the above): The atomizer and cartridges integrated together, it is not easy to leak. Disposable electronic cigarettedon’t need charging.


NO2: Advanced Kits:

VV/VW electronic cigarette:

They are use variable voltage and variable watt vaporizers and allow you to adjust the power output to customize your vaping experience. A VV/VW electronic cigarette has the ability to customize the output which can be helpful in a variety of ways, it allows the flexibility to quickly change and use a wide variety of atomizers.


Sub ohm electronic cigarette:

It is for advanced users who need for huge vapor clouds. When you use atomizer coils have a resistance of less than one ohm, you are sub ohm vaping.This type of electronic cigarettes have begun to be popular in the markets.


Mechanical electronic cigarette: 

Compared with other types of electronic cigarettes, the mech electronic cigarette has no electronic control coil. It transmit the current to the atomizer relying on the mech principle, it is not safe and are for advanced users only when used improperly resulting in battery fire or explosion. Its battery capacity is generally large, and it can be replaced anytime.


Temp control electronic cigarette: 

It can be adjusted the number of voltage and watt of vape device, bring the pleasure of the large amount of smoke when vaping. It uses temperature control functions to maintain a consistent vaping experience with full control over your device. Only use mods with temp control compatible coils. It is the most popular electronic cigarette in the market at present.