5 things the seller never tell you when buying vape kits

There are advantages and disadvantages for The electronic cigarette.  It develops rapidly and  brings more profits of market.  It is also a state in many country clearly will support the development of the industry, and some ban. In general, the electronic cigarette is a niche market, at least for now, use it on behalf of you has a high return rate.


do not buy any electronic cigarettes that could give up smoking

This type of vape kits has the following features:

beautiful appearance,
The pictures in public are accompanied by a variety of sexy beauties
pen- like or cigarette-shape
price is high 
Refer to the words of smoking cessation, clearing lung 
Most of the batteries are not replaceable. 


it's impossible to quit smoking.

It is really perseverance to quit smoking. The body addicted to nicotine can only be solved by will.  But electronic cigarettes can really replace smoking and be done in almost a day.  Though you can't avoid nicotine, but at least avoid bad monoxide and tar.


A risk of explosion when you vaping

It is over discharge and over charging of vaping that become the only reason of explosion batteries, which poses a threat to our health.

Mech electronic cigarette is often due to a short circuit caused by vape mods and temp control e-cigarette due to the battery qualitys. Never use mechanical electronic cigarette if you vaping at the first time and buy the expensive battery for the temp control ecig.


Vaping is harmful to the body

Electronic cigarette is composed of VG, PG, nicotine, and other various flavors proved to be harmless in the United States in which pays attention to health and safety.

The nicotine inhaled will soon be out of body.  But there is a very critical issue whether nicotine being into the lung is bad. There are people who are allergic to VG or PG.  But I am sure that. By using of electronic cigarette after a period of time, it can reduce various body discomfort caused by smoking. the more vaping, the easily mouth parched and tongue scorched.


No smoking in public places

Any cigarette can not be smoked as long as there is a clear No smoking ban, let along the vaping.  

as long as you understand it, in accordance with the scientific method, it does a little more reliable than cigarettes.