14 Questions should to know when you start vaping

1. How should I start?

Before entering the large family of electronic cigarette. We recommend that you have a detailed understanding of the electronic cigarette and other device, and carefully read every line of this article. We encountered too many vape-players who complained about buying wrong, buying expensive and being cheated. Early knowing they would not buy this, and so on. It's all because they didn't learn related knowledge before vaping.


2. How does a beginner choose right vape device?

If you have already decided to vape, we suggest that you start with a disposable electronic cigarette such as vape pen or vape pod style. The safety of this type of e cigarette is the highest and has the protection of short circuit . Compared with beginners, mechanical e cigarette do not have short circuit protection and voltage regulation functions. The bad businessman will advise you to use mech ecig for high profits. Make sure everything should be safe first.


3, how to know the good or bad of the electronic cigarette?

Many beginners will ask such questions. A or B, which is good?  There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, and there are many different models ever one brand. Nobody can be sure which is good choice for you. To learn more and choose the popular modes made by the big manufacturers is generally not too far away. Even if it doesn't fit you at the end of the day, you can still sell it to other players,it will be a very good device,


4. Is there a difference method between vaping and smoking?

In addition to using traditional smoking methods, vaping is also used directly by lung inhalation. Traditional cigarettes are too exciting to inhaling in this way. But even if there is no other way, it is a good choice to use the traditional smoking method.


5. What is MOD?

The full name of MOD is Modification. In this field you can understand that there are many components and customizable piece of electronic cigarettes in accessories, and comes with a standard clearomizer, battery and mouthpiece. Usually it produce large amounts of vapor. Any behavior that can change the appearance or function of the atomizer is called MOD. It is simple to say, similar to the car modification. Only advanced players should consider buying mods.


6. How many types of e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes has experienced three major stages.


7. What is a cartomizer?

The cartomizer is one of the atomizer connecting the eliquid and the tank. Once the tank is empty, it needs to be replaced.


8. Does electronic cigarettes produce second-hand smoke?

The smoke of the electronic cigarettes is completely different from the smoke of the cigarette. One is liquid and the other is solid. The smoke of the electronic cigarettes is more similar to the state of the water vapor, the secondhand vapor of the electronic smoke has never been a trouble to other people.  


9. Does electronic cigarettes make it smell bad?

Once a vaper reflect smell bad, it is because the oil-atomization is not complete, or the result caused by improper installation of e-liquid. Even for a day, electronic cigarettes does not have the kind of disgust. Please choose the excellent quality of the e-juice that is cheap but inferior. Money can not buy health.


10, which is cheaper, the electronic cigarettes or traditional cigarettes?

electronic cigarettes is more like a small investment that continues after a one-time investment. If you are a advanced player who constantly add vape equipment or only smoke e-liquid import, the electronic cigarette is not cheaper than the traditional cigarettes. But it is better for the environment and your healthy.


11. How does electronic cigarettes work?

The battery provide the energy to the atomizer housing the coin and wicks that carries the eliquid from the tank to the coil to be heated. Then the vapor produced by the tanks. User can inhaling and exhaling the vapor.


12, is electronic cigarettes really helpful for quit smoking ?

The success of Quiting smoking is mainly dependent on the will of the individual. If you are strong enough, you can give up smoking completely without doing anything. Electronic cigarett provide some assistance on the way you quit smoking. Some players are slowly leaving the cigarette. 


13. Do electronic cigarettes contain nicotine? 

A lot of cigarette contains nicotine. If you start to use electronic cigarette that does not contain nicotine, the withdrawal reactions may be happen strongly. The vape products will be marked in the description of the nicotine. There are also a lot of players who choose no nicotine products and play very well. In the beginning you should choose the high density nicotine such as 18MG to quit smoking, and then slowly choose the 12MG, 6MG, and 0MG density. If you finally throw away the cigarettes, we are really happy for you. 


14. Does the feeling of vaping like smoking?

The feeling of vaping the electronic cigarettes is completely different from the feeling of smoking. vaping is not so strong as smoking a cigarette. It has its own style.