10 things should know when starting buy vape starter kits online

1. Flavors of E-liquid

There are thousands of different kinds of e-juice tastes.  you can understand the details of what is the classification of content introduced last page. Mainly all e-liquid, and vape juice are made from vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and contain natural or artificial flavorings.  It’s better to choose what you like.


2. Nicotine strengths

It comes in a variety of nicotine strengths in a variety of different sizes from 0mg to 48mg. The higher number, the stronger the throat hit.  what you choose the highest is useless. we recommend that the beginner choose 3mg or 6mg, enough to do. The throat feeling is too strong, You can not be accepted.


3. Taste change:

The E-liquid taste will change. what mixing, heating oil, waking up will affect the vape juice taste. More importantly, you change the e-cigarettes atomizers  which is definitely different.


4. Expired e-juice

On the market, the time of vape e-juice can be last 12 months. Vape e-liquid can be used as long as it is under the sealed condition. Pay attention to saving vape juice. If the vape juice taste is bad when smoking, don't smoke.


5. Taste sweet

This reason every vaper encountered, tasting sweet, is pumped to vape e-liquid and the e-cig has been drawn on too much. Make sure avoiding too much vape e-liquid, it is good to have 2/3 of vape oils. Never let the liquid sit above the top line printed on the clearomizer or tank.  shake the e-cigarette mods, thrown out linking e-liquid, then use a paper towel to mop up any excess liquid you see on and around the e-cigarette.


6. Atomizer leaking

when Leaking, the first not to question the quality of the atomizer.  Put the vape atomizer coin out to dry for a while, after vape e-liquid drying and then re-installed. If it is the DIY vape tanks, firstly Check the cotton, whether it be blocked the oil hole, which cause the vape juice leaking. The next is to check the aprons, threads, and so on.  Make sure it’s as dry as possible before trying to use it again. It is fine that small amounts of vape e-liquid will not have a negative impact on your health.


8. The choice of the tanks:

let the disposable tanks go. we talk about cartomizer tanks. it is important to have a simple clearomizer for the new vape player. all of which are relatively good taste and easy to operate. for advanced player, it is better to choose the rebuildable atomizers and the DIY tanks.


9. to clean atomizers:

For the new atomizer, we suggest put it in a hot water for a while. When you use hot water, remember to take the apron of atomizer out, Otherwise it is easy to deform and affect the use. When we replace the vape e-liquid the Pyrex glass should be washed with water or alcohol. Then take a paper towel to wipe out the other parts of tanks.


10. burning smell:

The reason, you taste bad like burning smell, is the vape e-juice less and dry cotton more. the Effective solution is to reduce the amount of cotton, make sure the cotton soft and fluffy, not compact.