Vaporesso VECO Vape Tank

Vaporesso's VECO tank takes vaping to a new level, deciding to do away with tradition and create a whole new tank for vaping with impeccable performance.

Vaporesso Estoc Tank / Estoc Tank Mega

With Vaporesso Estoc Tank we have finally sharpened our teeth and decided to do away with tradition and create a whole new product with an impeccable performance.

Vaporesso Guardian Tank

Guardian Tank by Vaporesso adopts dual child locking mechanism that prevents children from accidental open the tank and get contact with the e-liquid inside. It is truly carefree filling since the coil would remain inside to avoid overfill. With its unique leak resistant structure, you will be rest assured to enjoy the vaping with clean hands.

Vaporesso Target Pro Tank

Target Pro Tank comes with a stainless steel CCELL coil. The CCELL adopts a revolutionary ceramic material with a unique structure. It can heat the e-liquid evenly which results in no spitting and no dry heat. It is guaranteed to deliver the most original flavor of your e-liquid.

Vaporesso Gemini cCELL SS Tank - 3.0ml

Gemini gives you an unbeatable vaping experience. With our brand new SS cCELL ceramic coil featuring improved wattage tolerance up to 75W, you can enjoy the amazing flavor.

Vaporesso ORC cCELL Tank - 3.5ml

ORC Tank installed with cCELL coil head. The cCELL make use of revolutionary ceramic material with unique structure, it can heat the e-liquid evenly which result in no spitting and no dry heat. Target tank bring your vaping experience to an unprecedented level.
Vaporesso ORC cCELL Tank - 3.5ml
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Date Expected:08/05/2016
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Safety is at the forefront of Vanguard Smoke is vision for a better future and device, battery and charging safety will continue to be one of the most important issues facing the international vaping industry.
Our dedicated teams with the goal of building a better, safer vaping power technology, continue to strive to lead the way in making the best advanced personal vaporizers.