Switcher Case

Authentic Precision Accessories Available of Switcher  Case.

GT Coil Adapter

GT Cores are specially designed to fit into the NRG tank series, and now it is available for the all new Cascade Sub-Ohm Tank! It comes in traditional cotton and signature CCELL Ceramic in different resistances, from GT 2 all the way up to GT 8. Gear Up with GT Cores as you desire!

Vaporesso Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube

This the replacement Pyrex Glass Tube for the Vaporesso Tank is a fantastic accessory. In the event you accidentally drop or somehow damage your tank, you won't be forced to purchase an entirely new Tank. Rather, you simply have to purchase this inexpensive replacement tank.

Vaporesso Multi‐functional Ceramic Tweezer

Ceramic Atomizer Spanner, Biomedical-grade zirconia ceramic, Enviromentally friendly insulation material, Heat resistant and easy to use, No short circuiting; no coil damage, Spanner diameter: 30.5-100mm

Vaporesso Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model: ES US-001 ,Tank Capacity: 200ml ,Power supply: AC100-240V/50HZ/60HZ DC 12.6V 2A ,Battery:  12.6V 2200mAh Built-In

Vaporesso Vape Band

Thanks to Vaporesso’s Vape Band you shall be able to safely carry your tanks and RTAs anywhere dwarfing the risk of ever shattering fragile parts, and do all that while boasting your “Vaporesso pride.”

Vaporesso Tiger Wire (10pcs/pack)

Tiger Wire, Inner-Diameter φ0.4  Out-Diameter  0.2*0.8 Flat wire, 120MM; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Juggernaut Wire (10pcs/pack)

Juggernaut Wire ,  Inner-Diameter(φ0.4*0.2)*2Pcs, Out-Diameter  0.1*0.9 Flat wire; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Quad Twisted Wire (10pcs/pack)

Quad Twisted, φ0.4*4Pcs; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Twisted Clapton Wire (10pcs/pack)

Twist Clapton,φ0.50*2Pcs+φ0.2; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Helix Clapton Wire (10pcs/pack)

Helix Clapton, 0.3*0.2 CLAPTON+0.2*0.8 Flat wire; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Alien wire 0.22ohm(10pcs/pack)

Alien wire, Inner-Diameter φ0.5*3Pcs, Out-Diameter φ0.2, 5Lap; Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Tiger wire 0.7ohm(10pcs/pack)

Tiger wire, Inner-Diameter φ0.4  Out-Diameter 0.2*0.8 Flat wire, 7Lap;  Material: Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Flat Twisted wire 0.22ohm(10pcs/pack)

Flat Twisted,0.2*0.8 Flat wire*2Pcs 6Lap; Material: SUS316L; 10pcs/Pack

Vaporesso Juggernaut wire 0.34ohm(10pcs/pack)

Juggernaut wire,  Inner-Diameter (φ0.4*0.2)*2Pcs, Out-Diameter 0.1*0.9 Flat wire; Material:  Ocr25Al5; 10pcs/Pack
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Safety is at the forefront of Vanguard Smoke is vision for a better future and device, battery and charging safety will continue to be one of the most important issues facing the international vaping industry.
Our dedicated teams with the goal of building a better, safer vaping power technology, continue to strive to lead the way in making the best advanced personal vaporizers.