electronic cigarette manufacture


Vanguard Smoke dedicates to create new vaping experiences for customers. A focus on product design and sale more vapor, endurance, safety, and taste to ensure an elegant vaping experience is our goal.

Vanguard Smoke deeply believes that "Success Starts Where It Ends :With the Customers".

A best vape you can image
Cutting-edge engineering

Durable, reliable, enjoyable are the main concepts of all our designs. We make sure every component we use is the best in this industry. Thanks for our experienced engineer team, they witnessed the born of vape industry and have been supporting us with the leading technology all the way.

The most reliable battery
Our exclusive contract with world top lithium battery supplier allows us to provide the most reliable battery in this industry.  Safe, Long-lasting, lithium-polymer batteries give you plenty of puffs before you need to recharge.

Highest  Manufacture Standard.
Top world class GMP facility and advanced testing lab are rare in this young industry but we have all of them. We are way ahead of others.

Fine details
Every detail of products has been considered carefully by a group of designers who has life long experience in luxury smoking accessories industry.

Brand Story 
The whole team behind this brand is constituted by two generation people
Wenzhou has been the main original for premium smoking accessories since 1980s. A group of talented craftsmen devote themselves to this industry, thousands of fine pieces have been designed and created by those hands, they are truly artists in Tobacco world. 
Vaporizer has been emerging rapidly in Honkong/Shenzhen area since early 21st century. A young world class engineer team started their adventure in vaporizing technology at the very beginning of this industry and quickly become the best manufacturer in the world.
Vanguard is mixed by those groups and try to bring own definition to this industry. 


Safety is at the forefront of Vanguard Smoke is vision for a better future and device, battery and charging safety will continue to be one of the most important issues facing the international vaping industry.
Our dedicated teams with the goal of building a better, safer vaping power technology, continue to strive to lead the way in making the best advanced personal vaporizers.