Reward Points



rewards_img.jpgVanguard Loyalty Reward Program

How it Works 

Who's Eligible to Participate:

Anyone over 18 years or older can participate in our free loyalty reward program. Create an account and make sure you’re logged in when you shop. Customers earn discounts and free products from our rewards catalog. 

Reward Points Distribution:  

Points are earned on all products you purchase. An earnings summary is displayed in the cart page before checkout.

We use a very simple calculation to award points:

$1 dollars spent* = 1 Vanguard Point.

*Shipping and taxes are not included in calculating a points reward for a purchase.

 *Points are only earned on the cash total after any discounts are applied


Additional Ways to Earn Reward Points:

Create an account = 50 points.

Redeem Customers Reward Points for Discount.  



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